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ATM Cash Paper
ATM roll, along with our thermal paper and other paper products, is a prominent product of our company. As one of the leading paper making manufacturers in China, we can provide you with high quality ATM rolls, thermal paper, computer continuous paper etc. And our ATM rolls, thermal paper and other products have found growing markets in America, Canada, Japan, Australia,South America, South Africa and other countries in recent years.

Features of ATM Rolls:
1. Advanced technology is used in the cutting, rolling and wrapping of ATM rolls.
2. It has the characteristics of high brightness and good smoothness.
3. Our ATM roll has the normal stability against heat, humidity, light, grease and ethanol.
4. The core pipe of ATM rolls can be plastic or paper cores.
5. Both plain and printed are workable in our factory.
6. ATM rolls have been specifically designed for banking as well as financial industries.
7. Different specifications can be made according to customers' requirements.

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