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Colour Tissue Paper
Colour Cap Paper
Colour M.G. Tissue Paper
Colour M.F. Acid Free Tissue Paper
Description: 1. Colour:  Pink, Red , Purple, blue, Yellow,Green and other colours 
                     2. Grammage: 14g-40gsm etc..
                     3. Quality: 100% virgin pulp or Recycled pulp as per buyers request
                     4. Size: 20 x 30", 24 x 42", 25 x 44", 50 x 75cm, 75 x 100cm etc
Packaging:  Each reams 500sheets and palletized
Application: Tissue paper is widely used in all kinds of industry.It can be divided into class A and class B, mainly is suitable for the clothing, toys, shoes, hardware,handicraft, melon and fruit, vegetables, paper flowers, etc. Various kinds of packaging, interlayer, Can also be used to print for packing paper

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